“TFS On The Road” now on Codeplex

Hi Folks!

First of all I would like to thank everyone for the feedback that I’m taking for this App. This is the kind of thing that makes things nicer!
To keep up the good mood, I have some news! I just finished the very first check-in of the “TFS On The Road” project on CodePlex.


As it is a project that I made mainly targeting the “TFS Community”, I think it is reasonable to share the source code with everyone. And better than that, I invite everyone that is interested to make it better. So this is a typical CALL TO ACTION. If you think you can contribute, just join us. The idea now is that we will plan and implement the features to the version 2.0.

Some of them are:

I alert that, as this was my very first WP7 project, the code needs some improvement. J I know that and it will come on the next release as well.

To some of the features it would be nice to start thinking to use “Mango” as the base. But this will be discussed later.

So that’s it! Just join the project team! Your contribution will be valuable.

Join us!

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